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The Complex Relationship between Sleep Disturbance and Chronic Pain

Pain in any part of the body can make people uncomfortable and uneasy. And, chronic pain can deprive people of attaining a sound sleep at night.

As per a study of the National Sleep Foundation, more than 60% of people with severe body pain experience sleep disturbances. Patients recovering from an injury or after a major surgery also face difficulty in sleeping peacefully. Constant pain in the body causes sleep problems, deteriorates the quality of slumber and makes one drowsy and lethargic the next day.

Tramadol for painful sleepSevere body pain can lead to restlessness, insomnia, increase anxiety and depression and prevent people from leading a normal life. Patients suffering from any form of pain in the body can improve their condition and rest peacefully at night with a pain relief pill called Tramadol. It binds to receptors in the brain, lessens the magnitude of pain and enables sleep-deprived individuals to rest peacefully at night.

Tramadol works differently from other narcotic analgesics such as Morphine. It increases serotonin levels, decreases the brain perception of pain and improves a sense of overall well -being. Reputed pharmaceutical companies have introduced this medication under different brand names such as Ultram, Ryzolt, Rybix, FusePaq, ConZip and Synapryn.

Safety Precautions of tramadol tablets

Users of Tramadol tablets are at greater risk of respiratory depression if they blend it with other painkillers. Alcoholics, drug abusers and patients with a history of head trauma should never mix this medicine with other opioids. Before the use of Tramadol Pills, patients should reveal to their doctor if they suffer from a head injury, seizures, kidney disease, heart complication, bipolar disorder, depression and suicidal thoughts.

Women should reveal to their doctor about their pregnancy before their use. Tramadol passes into the mother milk and can cause harm to the newborn. Lactating mothers should get their physician’s approval prior to their use. Some of the common side effects include seizures, chest pain, fainting, hallucination, swelling of the face, sleeplessness, dry mouth, feeling agitated, loss of appetite and vomiting.

Tramadol tablets should always be taken under physician guidance and its dose should never be increased or decreased without consulting a specialist. This narcotic painkiller is available in the form of tablets, capsules and injections.  Abrupt stoppage of this medicine can have harmful healthful consequences on the human body. Individuals affected with painful sleep disturbances can buy Tramadol pills online from a reliable drug supplier in the UK.

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By maria jalmbrant

Dr Maria Jalmbrant is a leading clinical psychologist based in London at the Sloane Court Clinic. She specialises in treating common mental health conditions, such as anxiety, panic, depression, OCD, anger, and PTSD. In addition, she provides fertility counselling services, cognitive behavioural therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, and therapy for work-related issues. She specialises in assessment and treatment of adult ADHD and autism.