Is Codeine used in the treatment of Cough?

Codeine for cough

Codeine is a popular cough suppressant and is quiet effective.It treats symptoms such as common cold and flu, offers relief from running nose, sneezing and watery eyes and reduces the urge to cough. A detailed discussion with your health care expert is necessary to understand the benefits and risks associated with this medicine.

Codeine cough suppressants should never be administered to children below the age of 18 as that can lead to breathing issues. It is advisable to read the medication guide available with a pharmacist, prior to its use.

Codeine – A narcotic pain killer

Codeine is an effective medication which is used primarily for the treatment of pain. It belongs to a category of drugs known as opiate narcotic analgesic which blocks the transmission of pain signals from the brain to the nerves and lessens the magnitude of pain. Codeine is marketed in the form of tablets and liquid solution. The requirement for this drug increases when other painkillers such as Ibuprufen, paracetamol and aspirin do not show results.

Codeine should never be taken along with alcohol and other recreational substances as that can lead to mild as well as adverse side effects.One should immediately get in touch with a doctor in case of following symptoms: stomach pain, lightheadedness, difficulty in urination, irregular heartbeat, irritation, agitation and loss of muscle tone. Codeine can be obtained without a doctor’s prescription from an online pharmaceutical store.

What is the relationship between Codeine and anxiety?

Anxiety sufferers worry a lot about an impending event and stay nervous most of the times. These people become jittery before an interview, an exam or while socializing at a gathering. Anxiety patients suffer from loss of confidence and struggle in the day to day functioning of their life.

Codeine has the potential to reduce anxious thoughts and feelings.This medication offers relief from anxiety and promotes relaxation by slowing down the functioning of central nervous system. Prescribed use of it under the supervision of a physician will offer long lasting results to the user.


Codeine should never be blended with intoxicating substances or alcohol. Overconsumption or abuse of it can have serious health consequences. All preexisting medical complications and history of used prescription medications must be discussed in detail with a certified physician prior to its utilization. And lastly, avoid it if you are allergic to the use of opioid medications.

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