How to Avoid Sleeping Pills Addiction?

As per research, millions of people across the world medicate themselves with sleeping pills. Although these medications are required to be taken for a limited duration, insomniacs often end up taking them for years.

Most of the people know that longer use of sleep medications can have a negative effect on their sleep cycles, but they find it difficult to stop their use. Their insomnia worsens when they discontinue them after extended use. Besides this, prescription sleeping pills can have serious withdrawal effects when taken for a long time.

How to start sleeping without sleep Pills?

The first step is to support the nervous system and create a healthy sleep routine so that once you stop the medicine; your body is better prepared for the same. It will offer users a better chance of attaining success.   In this way, people will feel better, enjoy better sleep quality and suffer from lesser withdrawal symptoms. Implementing changes in lifestyle as well as inculcating good sleep habits will make the transition easier.

Consult your physician or sleep expert

Physicians evaluate the condition of the patient before advising them to sleep medication. They suggest the dose and the duration for which it should be taken. And,  they chalk out a safe withdrawal program where the users taper the dose over a period of time.

Transition to using natural sleep aids

Natural Sleep aids like a warm glass of milk with amino acids, chamomile tea and Valerian root are better choices for a restful sleep. In addition, herbal oils like lavender assist people to unwind gently. Thus, it can be stated that natural treatments of insomnia are more effective and cheaper than sleep medications.

Be patient

The longer you have taken sleep medications, the longer it will take time to return to non- medicated state. It is, therefore, important to realize that this could take even a year as the human body requires time to adjust. Since medicated sleep is different from natural sleep, it may take a long time for the insomnia patients to get used to the difference.