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What is Insomnia?

Insomnia can be defined as the inability of humans to get sleep and stay asleep through the night. People suffering from it take time to doze off, experience multiple sleep interruptions and struggle to get asleep after every sleep disturbance.

Medical experts all over the world believe that a satisfactory sleep of 7-9 hours every night is essential to stay healthy and function properly. But the fact is that a significant amount of population attains less than the required amount of sleep regularly which weakens their immunity and makes them prone to numerous health complications.

As per a recent study, around one in three people in UK suffer from insomnia which affects their health as well as day to day performance. An unhealthy amount of sleep daily not only impacts the mood of individuals but also impacts their quality of life.

Insomnia can be categorized into two types – Short term and Chronic Insomnia

Short term Insomnia

Also known as acute insomnia, it occurs mainly due to stressful events in life such as loss of a job, financial condition, relationship issues or death of a loved one. Change of sleeping environment or jet lag can also cause short term insomnia. It troubles the people for a short period and resolves easily with the aid of sleeping tablets UK available on our website.

Chronic Insomnia

Chronic Insomnia is when people struggle to get asleep for more than 4 nights in a week, for close to 3 months. It mainly occurs due to a preexisting medical condition, mental health disorder, poor sleep hygiene or due to recurrent nightmares. Chronic insomnia patients require the advice of a sleep expert to overcome their sleep troubles.

Can lifestyle changes help in the treatment of Insomnia?

Several sleep-deprived individuals have found success by making changes in their bedtime routine. A good nighttime routine can go a long way in eliminating the symptoms of sleeplessness. Some changes which they should include in their daily lifestyle are:

  • Retire to bed at a fixed time every day and wake up from the bed at the same time in the morning. Individuals must stick to this routine on Sunday’s and holidays also.
  • Avoid the use of digital screens such as TV, laptop, tablets and smartphones before retiring to bed. The light-emitting from these blue screens delays the production of melatonin, a natural sleep-inducing hormone, and keeps people awake during odd hours at night. You can read a book if you are finding it difficult to doze off.
  • Stay away from the use of caffeine such as coffee and tea before bedtime. These stimulants will delay the process of sleep and make you restless. And, just avoid the use of fatty meals at night.
  • Avoid the consumption of liquor after sunset. It will not only make you restless during the night but will also prevent you from giving your best performance during daytime hours.
  • Physical activities such as walking, jogging, playing outdoor games or exercise during the daytime not only ensure good health but also induce sleep at night. However, make sure that you don’t indulge in any of these physical activities before your sleep time.
  • A warm shower or listening to light music before bedtime can create the environment for sleep. Use of hair oils at night can also promote drowsiness.
  • Keep your bedroom dark and noise-free. The temperature of your room should neither be too hot or cold. And lastly, check that the bed, mattress and the pillows in your bedroom are comfortable enough for relaxation.

What are sleeping tablets UK and how do they treat Insomnia?

Sleeping tablets are an ideal option for insomniacs to doze off and attain a quiet rest at night. These are tested and approved by drug regulatory authority and are prescribed by the sleep experts in the treatment of different sleep disorders. While some sedate the brain and promote drowsiness, others act on the central nervous system and promote calmness among sleep-deprived individuals. These treat the symptoms of insomnia and offer a complete sleep at night to insomnia patients.

Sleeping pills are mainly categorized into two distinct groups:

Benzodiazepines and Non-benzodiazepines


Diazepam, Xanax, Temazepam and Nitrazepam are the popular sleeping pills of this drug family. All these act on the GABA neurotransmitter in the brain, slow down the functioning of the central nervous system, reduce the symptoms of anxiety and promote relaxation. These are mainly prescribed to patients who are suffering from sleeplessness induced by anxiety or panic disorder.

Non Benzodiazepines:

Also known as Z drugs, Zopiclone (Zimovane) and Ambien( Zolpidem) are the popular sleeping pills of this class. These are mainly prescribed for the treatment of insomnia. Both these sleep aids calm down the excess activities of the brain and enable the insomniacs to attain a quality rest of 7-8 hours at night.

As compared to benzodiazepines, non-benzodiazepines are considered safer because they have minimal risk of side effects.

Can sleeping tablets be bought online?

Like other products of daily use, sleeping tablets , too, can be easily bought online from an e-pharmacy. However, before placing the order, make sure that the medicine you are buying is FDA approved and is sold by a certified website.

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