Best over the Counter Sleep Medications

Otc Sleeping pillsA satisfactory and sound sleep keeps you healthy, eliminates stress, regenerates your energy levels, repairs any damages in your body and wards of diseases. Whenever a person suffers from sleepless nights, he often takes the help of best over the counter sleep medications to induce sleep.

According to the latest research, Insomnia affects everyone out of 3 persons at any stage of their lives. Studies have shown that less sleep or poor sleep in people can significantly hinder their health and reduce their productivity. This problem impacts the daily life of the individuals and the normal functioning of their body and leads to various health issues such as diabetes, BP and complications of the heart. Once a person starts suffering from insomnia and other sleep disorders for ex-narcolepsy, restless legs syndrome and periodic limb movements in sleep, it becomes mandatory to approach a doctor and undergo treatment under his supervision.

Popular over the counter sleeping pills

If you have difficulty in falling asleep, then a  fast-acting sleep medicine would be conducive to you. On the other hand, if you experience difficulty in staying asleep throughout the night and suffer from nocturnal and early morning awakenings, then a long-lasting pill should be your choice. Whatever may be your sleep disorder, you must take over the counter sleeping pills UK for less than a fortnight.

Most over the counter sleep medications blend sleep aids that suppress cough, fights cold, manages anxiety, controls pain and induce sleep. Some of the popular OTC medications include Diphenhydramine (popular brands include Zopiclone, Xanax, Tramadol and Diazepam) and  Doxylamine ( sold under the brand names Sleep aid, Nightime and Unisom) that promotes drowsiness and induce slumber. Other over the counter sleep medicines combine antihistamines with the pain reliever Acetaminophen (available under the brand names Aspirin Free Anacin PM and Tylenol PM);  whereas NyQuil combines antihistamines with alcohol.

Side effects of OTC sleep medicines

Over the counter sleep, medicines stay in the bloodstream of the users for a long time, thus hindering the professional and personal life of a user. Antihistamines lead to drowsiness, impaired memory, recurrent headache and hangover effect. Other side effects include clumsiness, constipation, nausea, dry mouth and throat, constipation and urinary retention.

If you know someone who struggles in falling asleep, then it is a good idea to educate him regarding the benefits of good sleep hygiene. Insomniacs should develop a strict sleep and wake schedule and avoid the use of alcohol, nicotine, caffeine and other intoxicating substances before retiring to bed. Their bedroom should be dark and noise-free in order to induce sleep. And finally, they must avoid the use of electronic screens such as TV, laptop, tablet and smartphones before going to bed.  Prior consultation with your doctor is recommended before the use of over the counter (OTC) sleeping pills.