Are Ambien Tablets good for Insomnia?


Sleep can be compared to sexual intercourse in many ways. You only think about it when you are not getting enough of both.

Sleep and I just have an uneasy relationship. I struggle hard in getting asleep and staying asleep. I experience from both midnight sleep disturbances andearly morning awakenings. And I find it hard to get back to sleep after each sleep disruption.

Absence of sleep has affected my professional life as I feel groggy at my workplace and find it difficult to concentrate on work. I also make mistakes because I am too exhausted.

Less sleep has impacted my relationship with my female partner as when she stays over, I don’t want to interrupt her sleep by remaining awake at night. I pretend that that I am asleep when I am lying next to her in bed.

Same situation happens when I am staying with my family members. I don’t want to disrupt their midnight peace by tossing and turning on the bed or walking up and down the stairs. At times, I feel like reading a book or watching TV, but I pretend that I am having a quiet rest like them. I am still learning how to deal with sleepless nights.

I never had any sleep problems prior to my dad’s death. I was afun loving and energetic person, but sleeplessness made me cranky and irritable. I consulted a physician who advised me to make changes in my lifestyle as well as sleep patterns. I was also recommended to indulge in meditation, sports activities as well as eat light before bedtime. I kept away from electronic screens such as TV and laptop and also took the help of herbal sleep aids to doze off.  But sleep still eluded me.

At last, I realized that I am a patient of chronic insomnia and simple lifestyle changes and natural sleep aids won’t assist me in improving my circadian rhythm. I was left with no other option but to take the help of an experienced sleep expert.  He asked me several questions related to my sleep routine, told me to go through certain medical tests and after analyzing my medical reports and history of medications prescribed an FDA approved sleeping tablet called Ambien to overcome my sleep troubles.

I have just taken this medicine for a week and have experienced a drastic improvement in the quality as well as duration of sleep. I am taking the dose regularly and haven’t experienced any side effects of this pill. From my personal experience, I can assure that Ambien tablets are good for insomnia.